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I have finally decided to post the WIP video. I am not really fond of it, and some moments are missing. I've deliberately dropped the faces part, since it got ugly, which I am not really proud of. 
I've got some other videos, for other works. Soon I will upload Crowley/Shinoa process video as well.

Thanks for the help with the video

In the near future I will try to make new art-video. Not enough time and a lot of video materials...(slowpoke mode).

I am willing to accept some help with the video compilation, if someone is up to it.
Screenshot 1

The world decides for whom to mourn, and for whom "that's the way life is".

Pray for the world.
                                                                                                                                   tumblr lzie53 Sh Fi1qehdyjo1 500

Lately, the situation on art resources makes me sad.
Since the arrival of Patreon, many mediocre artists became clones of their more successful role models (Sakimichan, Kronpr1nz, etc.). I mean, why do we need so many sexy anime girls' fanarts from every corner, and done in the same style? Where is the art in that? Fanart is simply business now:
Draw a sexy girl fanart-> draw a topless version of her-> ask people to pay for the topless version on patreon-> profit Boogie! 
And the funny thing is, that it works, and what can you say about something that works? Don't do it? Don't profit from it? Go and work in some company that is probably a copycat as well?
That's the sad thing about money- it has nothing to do with real value, but it has everything to with what's popular, even if it's stupid.
Sure, I could say, that you should go on with your personal styles, but we have faced reality, and know pretty well, that it does not necessarily earns us any profit. It takes some serious promoting skills, to make something out of your own art, and most of us are artists and not PR managers. So using existing trends allows you to ride the success of others, to some degree.
It will be overflowed, and crumble, and there will be a fanart market crisis, but then something else will come up, and the circle will begin again.
Maybe I am just sad, because you can't simply be an artist, but have to be a businessman as well to succeed anyhow, but I am sharing that anyway, because I am certain that many others have that same problem, with, well, the current world state in general.

P.S. I have nothing against artists who make money, and nothing against Patreon, I simply don't like it that everything becomes the same in the name of profit.
Hi everyone, there have been some changes on my page:
you can now download layered PSD files by becoming my patron (file not more 3000 px)
I will add unique WIP's, which you will not see here, and process videos coming soon.

Also, you can buy separate files on my gumroad page:

Be there, or be square)

1ro Lc PJ

Fate/Zero. Lancer Diarmuid
20150620 204306 HDR

20150620 205626 HDR

20150620 204219 HDR

On this significant day we congratulate veterans, defenders of the Fatherland and thank them for their feat.
I know this is not a day of victory for some people, this is the day of mourning. I understand it.
I hope people in the world will be more patient and kind to each other and never repeat the mistakes of history.
The Victory for all the people on earth. Hopefully it will all be remembered.


Please please hold back from aggression in the comments.

That was great!
20150427 121632 HDR

20150426 211838 HDR

My Akihabara treasures.
Girlfriend for Gilgamesh, Neiron Saber(+ unpacked big original Saber)
Hijikata san (Gintama)
20150429 134820 HDR

20150429 171556 HDR

20150429 134850 HDR

20141230 143110

20141230 143944

20141230 140457

20141230 140426

Fashion design.
1 by Sinto-risky

More photos:
DSC 3768

DSC 3737

DSC 3769

DSC 3855

DSC 3727

Yes, it's Saber and Gilgamesh redesign= )
Sktch. In progress.

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Saya s Art3

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Hello, people!
Thank you again for your favs and support. 
Here are a few WIP processes that I want to share. If you want to recieve them, and many other goodies, like print-sized images, your portraits and even personal help with your art, then click on the link below and become my Patron!
You can choose any sum you wish, and I will reiceve it every month. No cash? No worry! I will post those WIP for everyone eventually, but a few months later.
So, if you want to see them first, and support my art along the way, become my Patron today!

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Moscow TV tower:)
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